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Windows Customizer

Windows Customizer is a Windows tool. Windows Customizer allows you to customize you computer’s following settings:
  •  Change/Remove Manufacturer Logo
  •  Change/Remove Manufacturer company name
  •  Change/Remove Manufacturer website
  •  Customize icons of Drives

Windows Customizer works with following windows
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows  7
  • Microsoft Windows  8
For run Windows Customizer .NET 3.5 or newer version should installed. You can download latest version of .NET from here.

Windows Customizer is copyright protected. You can’t modify Windows Customizer. Windows Customizer is not for sale. You can upload Windows Customizer into any website (you have no need to ask for this).  You can make any numbers of copies Windows Customizer.

Windows Customizer developed by Raju Grewal.
Contact details of Raju Grewal
Contact number:  +91 9915438430
Email id:
Facebook url:

Archive of version containing following files/folder(s)

This is main file.

This is help file

This is folder containing icons. This folder 8 icons

For run Windows Customizer make sure that no file should delete (why you don’t read me.pdf does not matter).

For more information about use Windows Customizer click here.

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